1. Tutorial: Color Shader and Mograph Selections

    Mario question mark box

    In this tutorial I break down how to make the classic mario question mark box, using only one material and one cloner object, along with a few effectors.


  3. Personal:  I modeled this for a short I did a while back.  This was a shading experiment I did to test a different approach.  Ended up not going with it, but I always really liked it!


  5. Inspiration:  I can’t get enough of these spots.  Super funny, with a great look. 


  7. Personal: It was too much fun playing with all the green screen footage to NOT make this.  It’s based on a short promo piece for Attack of the Show that I did for G4 Network called  ”Energy Command!”  


  9. Personal: Playing around with Vray and Mustang model that I found.  Just a bit of practice. 


  11. Inspiration: Check out this amazing simulation of a nuclear blast, done by Eyal Gever.  I can’t get over how detailed and epic it is.  He has a seemingly odd collection of tests and simulations on his website http://www.eyalgever.com/.  The strange part to me is that there are no finished works or commercial spots, just what appear to be tests.  Very cool stuff though.